Summer Travel Wardrobe: Pack a Week for Beijing

A 10-Piece Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

I’m packing the 10 items below for my trip to Beijing. Summer travel wardrobe is relatively easier to pack, since you don’t need heavy layering pieces. But at the same time, for sun protection, I am bringing a straw hat, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. If you want to, you can bring an umbrella as well (it’s in the norm for people in China to use umbrellas during the summertime to keep out of the sun).

Packing List

Here is a brief packing list for this 8-day trip:

In the carry-on:

  • My 10-piece summer travel wardrobe as seen above
  • One pair of comfy pants for the plane
  • Accessories (two necklaces, sunglasses, hat)
  • Shoes (2 pairs packed and 1 pair to wear: flat sandals, natural rubber flip-flops, and mule flats)
  • Small handbag
  • Miscellaneous: headband for washing face, a thin fabric drawstring tote for dirty clothes, cosmetics, vitamins, etc.

In the backpack:

  • Two pillows (one for the neck with chin support, and the other is a funky ostrich pillow for the eyes/head)
  • Small cosmetic pouch (travel size lotions, toothbrush, toothpaste, lipstick, brow pencil, etc.)
  • Face wipes, tissue paper, a couple of pads (plastic free from Natracare) for emergencies
  • iPad, Pixel phone, charger
  • Passport and wallet
  • Glass water bottle (to reduce single use plastic bottles)

This is another tiny closet in one carry-on. It’s almost addictive to pack like this! This 10-item capsule wardrobe is a “10×10 Capsule Wardrobe” example, meaning I can create 10 plus outfits out of them, so it’s definitely enough for an 8-day trip.

Additionally, I do bring a small bottle of detergent or a small bar of detergent soap with me to wash and freshen up the clothes. Also, I’m not bringing a compact hairdryer this time, since I know the hotels I’m staying at will provide one.

Thank you for reading, and hope this post can help you pack lighter for your summer trip!

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