Denim on Denim for an Easy Day Hike

If you are looking to do some easy day hikes, hike in style with your comfortable casual clothes.

I went on my first camping trip at North-South Lake Campground in upstate New York. When I was packing for this trip, I realized that I have a limited collection of sports clothes. Lacking the time to shop before leaving, I decided to just bring my old denim top and jeans. After setting up tent at the campsite, I hiked a trail in my denim on denim outfit. The trail lead to Kaaterskill Falls which had charming mountainous views.

LunaPetiteStyle Hike in Style
Listening to the waterfall down below and enjoying the view

Lucky to have beautiful weather that day, I wore my everyday denim pieces and my well-loved sneakers for the hike (also wore them during a hike in Seattle). Since these styles aren’t current, check out some similar ones at the end of the post.

A quarter-sized beauty on the trail
LunaPetiteStyle Hike in Style
On the way to the waterfall
LunaPetiteStyle Hike in Style
Trying to balance

I spent a relaxing day along the beautiful, peaceful hiking trail. The sound of the water splashing, the leaves in the wind bustling, and the bugs’ low humming – all helped to disperse the stress far away into the deep mountain ranges.

LunaPetiteStyle Hike in Style
Hike in Style with Pentagon Sunglasses (Miu Miu, same pair in blue from TheRealReal).

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you can hike in style on your future casual day hikes.

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