Kayaking Beginners Outfit Idea and Tips

Late Summer Kayaking Outfit

Kayaking Ready

My recent kayaking outfit was both comfortable and eco-friendly. A truly “feel-good” style to either lounge in or play outside.

Top: Alternative Apparel cropped terry hoodie (size S). Made from organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Lightweight and petite-friendly. The cropped length fits close to a regular style on my 5 ft tall frame. Also, it runs a bit small; I ordered one size up. I also bought the matching lounge pants in size XS.

Top Layering: PACT Organic stretch-fit tank (size XS). Made from organic cotton. The tank is soft and fitted. It’s perfect for layering or a yoga session.

Late Summer Kayaking Outfit by LunaPetiteStyle

Pants: Threads 4 Thought Half Lotus crop leggings (size XS). Made from recycled polyester.

Shoes: Feelgoodz Slimz flip-flops (size 6). Both the footbed and straps are made from natural rubber. For reference, I’m usually between size 5-5.5. They are really comfortable – my favorite flip-flops so far. They fit a tad wide, but works fine on my medium width feet.

Hat: Bought from a souvenir shop at North-South Lake Campground. I ran out of time to purchase Patagonia Can’t Eat Money Trucker Hat which is cuter and a better choice.

Second Chance

– a little background story –
Late Summer Kayaking Outfit by LunaPetiteStyle - on the lake

The first time you try something, you may be clumsy, afraid, and make lots of mistakes. That happened to me when I first tried kayaking a few years ago. I’m not a good swimmer, so being on the water can make me a little nervous. I got myself soaked due to my awkward paddling styles, and left feeling uncomfortable in wet socks and shoes. Also, I got sun burns. Ever since then I have not touched any paddles, well, until this summer during my camping trip. I decided that it’s about time to give kayaking another chance, and I’m happy I did. My second experience was so wonderful that I’ll be looking forward to kayaking in the future.

A Fashion Checklist for Kayaking Beginners

Late Summer Kayaking Outfit by LunaPetiteStyle

Before I headed to the beach, I made sure to prepare the following:

  1. No socks and wear water friendly shoes – to avoid wet socks and shoes
  2. Hat with a brim – to protect my face from sun burn
  3. Thin long sleeves – to protect my arms from sun burn. (The weather was nice and cool in the low 70F that day, so wearing thin long sleeves was just right for me luckily. )
  4. Quick dry and flexible leggings – because I knew I would get water on me here and there
  5. Layered top – just so if I did feel hot, I could take a layer off. 
  6. Water Resistant Sunscreen – put it on wherever I wanted extra protection.
  7. Sunglasses  
Late Summer Kayaking Outfit by LunaPetiteStyle - on the lake
Late Summer Kayaking Outfit by LunaPetiteStyle - on the lake

No matter how your kayaking outfit will be, the bottom line is: wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting wet in.

P.S. If you missed the first part of my camping trip, check out my hiking outfit from my previous post. 

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you find my tips helpful if you are new to kayaking. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’ll see you next Friday on the blog.

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