Favorite Tatcha Skincare Products

I have been using the Japanese skincare brand Tatcha for two months. I want to share some of my favorite Tatcha skincare products that I’ve tried so far:

  • Tatcha Bestsellers Set: Contains 4 mini sizes – Camellia Cleansing Oil (standard size here), The Rice Polish Classic (standard size here), The Water Cream (standard size here), and Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (standard size here)
  • The Silk Canvas: Available in standard size, and mini size
  • The Pearl: I have it in Softlight

Tatcha Bestsellers Set Review

Tatcha Bestsellers Set has 4 mini-size products for $60. This value set is great as a gift as well. The gentle yet effective formula leaves my skin feeling baby soft. For reference, I have combination/sensitive skin. The good thing is that most Tatcha’s products are suitable for all skin types.

Favorite Tatcha Skincare Products Review by LunaPetiteStyle
From left to right: The Rice Polish Classic (mini size from Tatcha Bestsellers Set), Camellia Cleansing Oil (mini size from Tatcha Bestsellers Set), The Silk Canvas (standard size).
Tatcha Products Review
Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (mini size from Tatcha Bestsellers Set) & The Pearl (in color Softlight)

The Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a tad more oily than I expected, but I like it during the winter months since it’s really dry here in NYC. I have combination skin, and my T zone is a bit more oily than my cheeks. I was worried that any kind of oil would be a bad idea for me, but turns out that’s just not true! With the right kind of oil, I can properly clean and pamper my skin.

If you don’t know how to use your new products, no worries! The packaging box comes with a card that has instructions for each product. Since you only need to use a tiny bit from each bottle every time, they do last a while.

I should mention that I have used up The Water Cream in the Tatcha Bestsellers Set already, thus it’s not in the photo. It’s light and super hydrating. Every product in this set is truly a keeper.

The Silk Canvas Review

The Silk Canvas - Favorite Tatch Skincare Products Review
The Silk Canvas: a little bit goes a long way

Along with the Tatcha Bestsellers Set, I also added The Silk Canvas primer to my shopping cart, and I’m so glad that I did! Maybe you have guessed from its name: The Silk Canvas primer has real silk in it. You can wear it under makeup or on its own to brighten up your skin.

I have never used a primer before, so this purchase is me venturing into something new. I thought I’d only need a primer if I wear heavy makeup with layers of foundations and conceals. But I rarely do that due to my sensitive skin. After cleansing and moisturizing, I usually just wear one layer of powder from cushion compacts (currently using this one from Amor Pacific in color 102). I’m not saying that my skin is flawless, but I do usually prefer to look more natural than air-brushed, therefore, I don’t mind showing some ‘imperfections’ on my face.

The Pearl Review

Tatcha The Pearl Review by LunaPetiteStyle
Tatcha The Peal: tinted eye cream

The Pearl is a tinted eye cream that can be gently tapped under your eyes to subtly highlight that area. This is my new favorite touch-up cream as my last step of getting ready in the morning, if I feel my eyes are a-bit tired-looking that day. I have The Pearl in the color called Softlight which I think matches my skin tone pretty well, even though it looks darker in the bottle.

Pure Skin

What makes me interested in trying Tatcha is actually the book called Pure Skin, written by Victoria Tsai, the founder of Tatcha. It’s a short and easy read, accompanied by beautiful illustrations. If you’d like an introduction to Japanese skin care, as well as learning about the foundation behind Tatcha, give this book a read! Another beauty book I’d recommend is on Korean skincare called The Little Book of Skin Care. It’s packed with useful information that you may also find interesting.

Figuring out what works for your own skin can take some trial and error. If you are new to Tatcha, I hope my recommendations will help you; If you have used Tatcha for a while, I’d like to know what your favorite Tatcha skincare products are.

May we all have healthier and more beautiful skin this year!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and see you next Friday.

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