Winter Travel Outfits: Easy Packing Using 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe

What would you pack for a month in the winter? I’m packing 10 core clothing items, for my upcoming trip to China in February. With these 10 items, I can create 10 winter travel outfits. These casual outfits will be good for my day-to-day in Chengdu. However, I’ll likely get something more festive for Chinese New Year while I’m there.

The two coats to wear over the 10 outfits:

The Purple Wool Coat is from Everlane, size 00 (on sale right now! 40% off); The Black Down Coat is from Vero Moda, purchased in China, size 160/80A.

See these coats on me in this post, as well as this post.

10 Winter Travel Outfits:

Along with these 10 clothing items, I will also bring underwear, socks/tights, PJs, a set of yoga clothing, a hat, a scarf, a handbag and some jewelry. As for shoes, I’ll probably wear a pair of speakers and bring a pair of booties.

For details of these 10 items, please see my previous post, where you will also find my formula of creating a travel capsule wardrobe for any season.

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