Lighting Festivals During Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, cities across China are decorated with red lanterns and fancy lights. Parks and museums allure people in with dazzling lighting festivals. Artfully fabricated figures and structures bring the basic Chinese lantern to the next level.

This year, I went to two lighting festivals. I loved them both; one was in an amusement park, another was in a site museum.

McDull Dream Festival
Chengdu Happy Valley Amusement Park

If you are unfamiliar, McDull is a popular animation character from Hong Kong. There are 7 McDull movies currently, and I have watched 5 of them. My favortie two McDull movies are McDull, The Alumni (春田花花同学会) and McDull, Me & My Mum (麦兜我和我妈妈). I think the movies are more suitable for teens and adults, and little kids may find it hard to follow.

I want to get on the pirate ship with McDull.

Sun Festival
Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Museum

Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Museum is a must visit if you want to learn about the history of Ancient Shu (now Sichuan). This year, the lighting festival combines Maya and Shu Culture together, weaving a colorful landscape.

If you ever come to Chengdu, or any other city in China, I highly recommend going to a couple of lighting festivals. Just be aware of the crowds, since most people are on their break during Chinese New Year.

P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog. This is my first travel/lifestyle post. I hope you find it enjoyable.

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