Padded Cotton Loungewear: Cozy Time

Chinese New Year Red Latterns

The Feast

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, I spent the whole day with my parents and close relatives. My mom and aunts worked their magic in the kitchen for hours. They prepared a big delicious meal for everyone on this special day.

Chinese New Year’s Eve Lunch

Padded Cotton Loungewear in Chengdu

Cozy Outfit

Since we were all hanging out at home, I decided to go with an ultra comfortable outfit. I put on my padded cotton loungewear, and slipped into a pair of sock boots. The soft and fuzzy feeling is so nice with the cheerful atmosphere.

I got this cotton loungewear jacket in Chengdu. It comes with a matching pair of padded pants, which is also super cozy. People don’t usually keep their heat on much in the southern Chinese winters, so you normally need to wear a similar amount of clothing indoors and outdoors.

The sock boots aren’t a new trend but I finally laid my eyes on them. I bought these in Chengdu from Tata, size 35.

Skinny High-Rise Ankel Jeans: Everlane, size 26, true to size chart.
Hoodie: Reformation, size XS, true to size.

Yellow Padded Cotton LoungewearWhen loungewear is so comfortable, I just want to wear them all the time on the relaxing days.

Padded Cotton Loungewear Cat PatternSometimes loungewear and even sleepwear can be worn outside if you are just hanging around the neighborhood or around the house. To make the outfit more put-together, I would go with skinny jeans and less colors.

Padded Cotton Loungewear


There is one thing I found interesting when shopping in a loungewear/underwear store (where I got this yellow jacket). It’s a little store along a small street, and they carry clothes that aren’t loudly labeled as “green” or “sustainable”, yet are made with materials like 100% Lenzing Modal®, silk, organic cotton and other natural fibers. Even recycled fabrics are used without any big or flashy tags saying they are ethical/sustainable.

Cute Cat Cotton Padded LoungewearAre Chinese “green” labels just more modest? Or maybe the general market in China wouldn’t buy the “eco-friendly” idea as much as the American consumers? Whatever the reason is, I kind of like how sustainable materials are treated as a norm and not something special.

Flowers and Bee in the Backyard
A Busy Bee Flying Around the New Blooms

Chinese New Year is a 16-day event: New Year’s Eve plus 15 days of festivities. If you are also celebrating Chinese/Lunar New Year, I wish you a happy new year and good fortune in the year of the pig!

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