Engagement Photoshoot Experience in China

I recently got the pictures from my engagement photoshoot. I was going to keep them private but they came out so beautiful that I thought maybe other lovebirds could get some outfit ideas from these photos. Here is a glimpse!

Pick a Date: Special Valentine

Back in February, Brian and I flew back to Chengdu to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. We also had an engagement photoshoot on the to-do list. In order to accommodate everyone’s schedule, the date we picked happened to be on Valentine’s Day. Though it sounds romantic, I was shivering the whole time while taking the outdoor shots in the middle of the winter. You can bet that every chance I got I reached out for my down coat and some hot tea.

Engagement photoshoot Outdoor in Chengdu

Decide on the Outfits: turn Old Dresses into New Looks

The photo studio provided all the clothing and accessories, so everything was reused by many other couples before and after. I thought it was great how I didn’t need to buy anything just for the photos but still got to pose in many different outfits. The day before the shoot, I picked out my 6 dresses I’d be wearing. Trying on gown after gown felt similar to wedding dress shopping.

Engagement photoshoot Korean Style
Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Indoor
Romantic Engagement Shoot

Engagement Photoshoot Day: Long Hours but Always Smiling

We got up at 7am and started doing makeup at 8am in the photo studio. After an hour of transformation, we were ready for the camera. From indoor to outdoor, from daytime to nighttime, when we finally got home without dinner, it was close to 9pm.

Engagement Shoot Chinese Style
Traditional Chinese Wedding Outfits
Pre Wedding Photoshoot Chengdu China

I probably haven’t smiled for so many hours in one given day in my entire life. The photographer and the makeup artist were professional and great at what they do, which helped us to enjoy the special day. All in all, the engagement photoshoot was a tiring experience but a fun one nonetheless.

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