Hanfu Inspired Styles in Natural Fabrics


Hanfu refers to clothes worn by the Han Chinese during ancient times. They are mostly flowy with a relaxed fit. Recently I was browsing on YesStyle for summer outfit ideas, and found myself loving those Hanfu inspired styles. Unlike in Japan, where you can often see people in their kimonos walking on the streets, in China it’s rare to see the traditional clothes in everyday life. However, young Chinese people, especially those born in the 90s and later are starting to embrace the Hanfu culture.

“Updated” Hanfu for the Modern Closet

Hanfu inspired styles combine the ancient Chinese esthetics with a contemporary taste. Though they are different from the ancient garments, by adopting a new attitude, these “updated” Hanfu styles are simply a fun way to refresh a modern closet.

Check out what I found:

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1. Floral Hanfu Top (Fabric: linen, Tencel. $28.90)

Floral Long Hem Hanfu Top - YesStyle - Hanfu Inspired Style

2. Plain Short-Sleeve Hanfu Top (fabric: Tencel. $22.90)

Short-Sleeve Chiffon Hanfu Top - YesStyle - Hanfu Inspired Style

3. Polka Dot Printed Hanfu Top (Fabric: cotton, linen. $30.90 )

This top is from a brand called Calo Rosa. They offer many Hanfu inspired pieces in cotton and linen; you may want to check them out.

Polka Dot Printed Hanfu Top - YesStyle -  - Hanfu Inspired Style

4. Printed Long-Sleeve Midi Dress (Fabric: cotton, linen. $40.90)

The same cute print is also available on this dress.

Polka Dot Printed Long-Sleeve Midi A-line Dress - YesStyle - Hanfu Inspired Style

5. Plain Long-Sleeve Maxi Dress (Fabric: cotton, linen. $24.90. Comes in white, black, beige, yellow, and red.)

Plain Long Sleeve Maxi Dress - YesStyle
Plain Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Color Choices - YesStyle

6. Hanfu Short-Sleeve Tee (Fabric: cotton, linen. $15.90. Comes in navy blue, red, white, and yellow.)

Frog Button Short-Sleeve T-shirt - YesStyle
Frog Button Short-Sleeve T-shirt Color Choices- YesStyle

7. Cropped Wide-Leg Pants (Fabric: linen. $24.90)

Cropped Wide-Leg Pants YesStyle - Hanfu Inspired Style

8. Long-Sleeve Plain Tunic/Dress (Fabric: linen. $20.90. Comes in black, green, orange and purple.)

Long-Sleeve Plain Dress Black - YesStyle
Long-Sleeve Plain Dress Orange - YesStyle

9. Long-Sleeve Buttoned A-Line Midi Dress (Fabric: cotton, linen. $18.90. Comes in white and blue.)

Long-Sleeve Buttoned A-Line Midi Dress Blue YesStyle
Long-Sleeve Buttoned A-Line Midi Dress White YesStyle

About this Curated List of Hanfu Inspired Styles

To avoid a costume look, I looked for Hanfu inspired styles that are easier to wear for a modern lifestyle. This means narrower sleeves, minimal patterns, and less layers and strings so that it’s quick to put on and take off. After checking each item’s materials listed on YesStyle, I handpicked the pieces made from natural or natural derived fabrics such as Tencel, linen, and cotton.

All images in this post are from YesStyle

As always, thank you for reading and visiting my blog.

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