Pleated Pants: Pre-Owned 3.1 Phillip Lim

Fancy Pants

I’m not sure when I started to love fancy high-waisted pants. Currently in my closet, I have unique tie-dye culottes, relaxed two-tone jeans, and pleated pants with ruffles like this one:

Pleated Plants in Black, Shop 3.1 Phillip Lim from The RealReal
all black outfit with pleated pants

Pants Shopping Tips for Petite

Since not every brand offers petite sizes, to hack the regular sized pants for petite, look for cropped & ankle length pants, because they most likely will fit like full length on petite women.

I’m 5ft (154cm), and the pleated pants I’m wearing are actually cropped pants that reach to a 5’10” model’s mid shin. Of course, you can always get the pants hemmed, but for me, instead of having an alteration I prefer to buy clothes that already fit. Though if I had the skill of a tailor, altering my own clothes does sound like fun!

Why I Choose Bottoms Over Tops (with Pleats)

When I see pleats on clothing, the brand that first pops into my head is Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. A few years ago I purchased a pre-owned Pleats Please cardigan from Thredup, but ended up not loving it. I also tried on some fun-looking pleated tops from that brand, but I found them impractical and unflattering on me. Usually made of polyester, pleats are more comfortable to wear as pants or skirts rather than tops in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I have sensitive skin and I feel the fabric can scratch a little. So if you want to add some pleated clothes into your wardrobe, I’d recommend bottom pieces.

Monotone Outfit Tips

When you rock an all black outfit, it’s best to mix different textures together to make the outfit more interesting. This tip applies to any monotone outfit.

About the Look

Tee: Zara Join Life, Tencel® and modal blend.

Pants: Pre-owned 3.1 Phillip Lim from The RealReal.

Convertible Leather Handbag: Hanaa-fu, Japanese brand, bought at Kinokuniya New York in 2017. Carried it as a cube bag in this outfit. I have a similar Hanaa-fu Bag on Tradesy for sale.

Shoes: Hotwind, printed fabric upper, Chinese brand, bought in China.

Cotton Coat: Ecoleco 奕壳, eco-friendly Chinese brand using all natural materials, bought in China.

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