Acure Brightening Glow & Seriously Soothing: Beauty Cabinet Update #2

I first started using Acure two years ago, and have tried a dozen products from this brand. I loved some and felt indifferent about the others. With sensitive skin, the biggest win for me from this brand is that it never irritated face: no pimples or random rashes after using their products. On the other hand, my complaint if any for this brand is the smell of some of their products – they aren’t bothersome, but can smell a little “too organic” if you are used to fragranced products. I currently have three Acure products in my skin care routine, one from the Brightening Glow family and two from the Seriously Soothing family:

Acure Brightening Glow Lotion

1. Acure Brightening Glow Lotion

I love the Brightening Glow Lotion. I use this mainly as body lotion, but sometimes on the hands and face as well. The scent is pleasant with a hint of orange. The vibrant yellow packaging and the smell of this lotion are so suited for summer.

2. Acure Seriously Soothing SPF 30 Day Cream

This white cream is the last step I apply to my face and neck in the morning, and I have almost gone through the whole tube. The cream not only gives me the SPF benefit but also brightens up and evens out my skin tone slightly so that I don’t feel the need to apply a tinted cream afterwards. I like my skincare and makeup fairly light, so if one product can do two things then I am all for it. One downside is that the texture is stickier than I like when first applied on the face, but after a half hour or so there is no sticky feeling, just a sunscreen protected face ready to go outside.

3. Acure Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream

I’m not crazy about the smell, but it does leave my face feeling nice after washing. The formula is gentle and suits the name. I use this face wash in the morning when I feel I need it. I usually use water only in the morning to wash my face, unless it feels overly oily or clogged, then I will also add a gentle exfoliate like The Rice Polish Classic from Tatcha (review here).

ACURE skin care Seriously Soothing

You can easily shop Acure products on Amazon, at Whole Foods Market or maybe at your local health stores. I hope you will find something you like from this clean beauty brand!

P. S. Beauty Cabinet Updates is a series of reviews for natural beauty products.

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