Engagement Rings: My Story of Finding the One

Choose My Own Ring

Last summer, Brian and I started looking at engagement rings after talking about getting married. As much as I like surprises, I preferred to pick out my own ring. So, we decided that I would choose the design, he would pick the center stone, and then the proposal would be a big surprise at the end (and he nailed it).

Bridal Set 2019

Things to Know About Engagement Rings

My research started online. Since I don’t wear fine jewelry on a daily basis, I knew almost nothing about rings. However, after a couple months of reading articles plus visiting local jewelry stores/wedding showrooms, I learned everything I thought I should before buying:

  1. My ring size
  2. Different types of precious metals (gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc), and what kind of metals are hypoallergenic (I have sensitive skin)
  3. The 4Cs’ about diamonds (diamond is still the most popular center stone for engagement rings); natural vs man-made diamonds
  4. Alternative center stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald, etc
Brilliant Earth Diamond Rings

Find the One

Then I came across Brilliant Earth. I fell in love with a setting design on their website, and found myself always going back to that one after looking around elsewhere. So finally, we decided to visit their showroom in Boston, which was also a great excuse for a weekend trip.

Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

My 30-minute appointment was in the morning. We went in knowing a few styles I wanted to try on. Seeing them online vs. seeing them on my finger was really different. I was able to weed out the others quickly and decided that I wanted the one I had been eyeing the whole time. We knew the search was over and felt happy stepping out of the showroom.

Brilliant Earth Canadian Diamond and Recycled Platinum
My engagement ring with Canadian diamond center stone and recycled platinum setting

What happened next was mostly mystery to me. Brian ordered the ring at some point, and then gave it to me last year in November. The ring was as pretty as I remembered.

Matching Band for a Bridal Set

The wedding band is from HelloRing on Etsy. It was very easy to work with the shop owner, and he customized this crown ring to fit perfectly with my engagement ring. Plus, the shop offers many beautiful engagement rings with alternative center stones.

I like the look of my wedding band worn on the outside, though I read that traditionally it’s worn on the inside. Maybe I can interpret it as the band ‘seals in’ the promise on the wedding day.

Bridal Set

If you’re looking for unique jewelry designs and a personalized shopping experience – use the link below to get a free gift at Brilliant Earth with your first purchase!

Brilliant Earth Engagement Ring Box

*This post is not sponsored by Brilliant Earth, and all opinions are my own.

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