Blue Floral Silk Blouse

I visited a couple of friends in New Paltz while sporting a mostly-thrifted outfit. This blue floral silk blouse is from Crossroads Trading in Manhattan, one of my favorite secondhand stores in the city.

Blue floral silk blouse outfit

Walking around town, I stumbled upon a charming looking bookstore, and went in for a peek. I love wandering around in bookstores. Getting inspiration by flipping through pages of books that look intriguing is one of my favorite pastimes.

Alice Olivia blue floral silk blouse

Growing up, I was a nerdy kid who would ask for books as birthday presents, and my collection kept expanding. However, since my family moved quite a bit, I would have to give up some books every time we relocated. Now that I’m trying to adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle, I don’t buy as many books anymore. So my bookcase has really downsized from what I used to have as a kid.

When I want to find a particular book to read, I will usually search my local library’s catalogue. If the library doesn’t have it, I will try to buy it used. I will only buy the book new when neither of these are an option. I realized that I have a very similar mentality when I’m purchasing clothes.

Alice Olivia blue floral blouse with Rag Bone denim shorts
detail of florals on the silk blouse

About the Look

Blue Floral Silk Blouse: Crossroads Trading (brand: Alice + Olivia, size XS, thrifted, $18)

Denim Shorts: Crossroads Trading (brand: Rag & Bone, size 00, thrifted, $24)

Shop secondhand Alice + Olivia and Rag & Bone on The RealReal

The Day Crossover Sandals: Everlane (size 5.5, $88, also worn in this outfit)
After wearing these sandals a few times, I find that they run a little bit wide. For reference, I have medium width feet. However the leather is really soft and comfortable, so if you have wider feet these may be perfect for you.

Denim Trim Framer Hat: Nordstrom Rack (brand: August Hat, $14.97, made of paper)
This is my everyday summer hat! I love the big brim and how lightweight it is.

Bag: Buffalo Exchange (brand: Poise Lisboa, thrifted, $18, also styled in this outfit)

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