Encounter Wild Animals: Jasper National Park Part 2

When driving along the highways, I encountered many wild animals – mostly black bears. Many cars would slow down and stop around where the animals appeared so that they could take pictures. Most of the time we stayed in the car as suggested, but I did get out of the car once for a minute to take a closer look at the bears (which was probably not wise to do). Thank goodness that those black bears seemed tame and were minding their own business and paid almost no attention to me.

Bighorn Sheep, Maybe

Jasper National Park Wild Animals

After snapping these photos, I was trying to figure out what these animals are. They seem to be bighorn sheep.

Jasper National Park Animals, Bighorn Sheep

I love how these wild animals were leisurely walking along the roadside where humans are passing by. This is their home and we as visitors should respect their habitat.

Mysterious Bears

Was that a little brown bear hiding in the bush? This one was more shy and private and never came close to the road like some other black bears did.

Jasper National Park Mysterious Animals

There seemed to be two bears, one looked brown and one looked black. Not sure if they were from the same family.

Black Bears

Black Bear Jasper National Park

This mama bear with her cub were grazing around eating away those little yellow flowers. How cute is that! This visit changed my idea of a stereotypical ferocious bear.

Wild Black Bears Jasper National Park

We bumped into a bigger group of bears who were looking for a bite to eat.

Wild Black Bear Looking at Me

When I locked eyes with this mama bear, my heart skipped a beat. A little fearful and wildly happy at the same time. It was a very strange feeling that lingered in me for a while after getting back in the car.

This was my first time seeing wild bears in person and up close (one time I was about 10 ft away from them!) It was really nice seeing them roaming free in nature instead of in a zoo.

Keep Them Wild

The park is doing a good job to keep these wild animals wild by forbidding people from feeding them human food. Signs and warnings are everywhere as a reminder. Ultimately, I think most visitors care enough to follow the rules in order to protect this natural habitat for our animal friends.

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