Icefields Parkway Drive Through: Jasper National Park Part 4

One of the World’s Best Scenic Highways

The Icefields Parkway connects the Town of Jasper in Jasper National Park to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It took us a day to drive along this world-class scenic highway one way. If you are planning to visit both parks in a short time, this is a great option!

Getting Close to Stutfield Glacier, Driving on Icefields Parkway
Getting Close to Stutfield Glacier
Camera Ready

I had my camera ready at all times while riding in the car. There were so many beautiful things to catch, it was impossible to see and do everything within the time we had. Therefore we selectively stopped at some viewpoints and tried to get into Banff before it got dark.

Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint

Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint, Along Icefields Parkway
Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint, Along Icefields Parkway

This amazing viewpoint was so worthwhile to get out of the car and see it up close. The glacier sat in the backdrop against the lush green mountains, which were surrounding a vast land with intricate waterways. Someone I met on this trip told me that in the Canadian Rockies, everything you see is a postcard. It is so true. Jasper National Park is a live art gallery.

Posing at Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint

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Feeling humble and small looking at the vast land
Me and Brian at Stutfield Glacier Viewpoint

Entering Banff National Park

Approaching Big Bend Peak, the Icefields Parkway curved, creating a large U shape. There was a huge viewpoint for cars to stop which was hard to miss. Rivers, waterfalls, hiking…you could spend a good chunk of time here if you chose to.

Icefields Parkway Viewpoint
Icefields Parkway Viewpoint near Big Bend Peak
Waterfowl Lakes along Icefields Parkway
Waterfowl Lakes

We had to make a stop here when we saw the turquoise color of the lake. After some quick photos, we got back on the road continuing our journey.

Banff at Dusk

Goodbye Canadian Rockies

What a wonderful trip! Me and Brian both had so much fun in the Rockies. We have been telling friends and family about the beautiful parks here and encourage everyone who hasn’t visited to see them. The nature, the animals, and the visitors are all respectful to each other. I hope this land will forever stay wild, pure and inspiring.

Jasper National Park Entrance

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