Ethical Fashion at Nordstrom: Complete Brand Directory

This ultimate shopping guide is based on the ethical fashion rating app called Good On You. I plowed through 100s of brands on Nordstrom from A-Z, looked up each brand in Good On You, and handpicked them here. Although you could type in “eco-friendly” as the search word and let Nordstrom give you options; that search result is ambiguous and excludes many good brands. I did the tedious work because I wanted a comprehensive directory for ethical fashion at Nordstrom. The guide helps me save time and spare any guesswork, which also makes shopping easier and more fun.

If you find this directory useful, feel free to bookmark it for future reference. I will keep it updated, so that new ethical fashion brands may be added later, and brands that are no longer on Nordstrom will be removed as well.

Happy shopping!

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$ = Price starts from $1-$50
$$ = Price starts from $50-$110 (Tax free in NYC if a single clothing item is under $110)
$$$ = Price starts from $110-$300
$$$$ = Price starts from $300

Ethical Fashion Brands Rated as “Good”:

The brands below didn’t make it to the list yet, but are worth checking out:

The Brands Below are Rated as “It’s a Start”:

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