10-Piece Capsule Wardrobe for a Month of Fall

Rotate Your Closet

I built a mini capsule wardrobe with 10 core items for a month of fall. Every day, depending on the weather and my mood I would then choose the accessories and shoes to complete the look. I took this styling challenge, because I know I have a tendency to purchase more than I need when the weather gets cold and the holiday sales kick in. By the way, please know that this is just part of my closet: I’m rotating what I have. This mini capsule is about 1/5 of my current full wardrobe, not including underwear/socks.

Mid Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Capsule Wardrobe Mid Fall 2019 #myclosetroation

I’m not an extreme minimalist, nor do I inspire to be one, but I try to only keep things I actually use. Back in 2017, I built a summer capsule wardrobe for a month with 12 clothing items. Ever since then, I have shown myself repeatedly that rotating my closet this way is my solution to slow down my consumption. The side effect is that I feel I can only get dressed quickly in the morning with a season-based capsule wardrobe!

Plus, every mini capsule wardrobe like this is so packable for any week-long trip!

Set a Limit for Your Capsule Wardrobe

The exact number doesn’t matter, as long as you can set a limit that works for you.

About the Items

One Dress/Tunic: Amour Vert Circles Tunic

Two Bottoms: Everlane Jeans $68, Levi’s Corduroy Pants

Three Jackets: Buffalo Exchange Leopard Jacket (secondhand), Patagonia Girls Rain Jacket $79, Ecoleco奕壳 Hoodie

Four Tops: Everlane Striped Top $28, Amour Vert Turtleneck, ThredUP Fringe Sweater (secondhand), Crossroads Trading Sweatshirt (secondhand)

Find Your New Everyday Styles

I was layering things that I otherwise would not be doing, thanks to the limitation. And that limitation sparks creativity!

Below are 10 example looks from this capsule:

Shoes & Bags

Eileen Fisher Black Knitted Boot

Blondo Faux Fur Sneaker Boot (Waterproof)

Blondo OTK Boot (Waterproof)

Splendid Grey Plaid Boot

Matt & Nat Black Crossbody

Fjallraven All Black Kanken Mini Backpack

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