To my dear readers

About This Blog

This blog offers styling ideas and shopping guides for a more sustainable closet, focusing on but not limited to petite fashion. I prefer natural over synthetic, recycled over new, and quality over quantity.

About Me

Hello, I’m Luna, a designer, blogger, dreamer. I love nature, art, books, and food. You can find me in bookstores, dessert shops, yoga rooms, and here on my blog!

I started this blog because I wanted to record the transformation of my closet towards a more sustainable one. I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy task: I’m 5ft tall, frugal, and picky about what I wear. However, neither the lack of choices nor the budget should stop me from having a better wardrobe. And I’m here to show you that without Emma Waston’s budget (and height in my case), an affordable and sustainable closet can be built.

While I have my eco-conscious shopping hierarchy, I’m never-perfect. I think it’s always about the better choices you could make to minimize the negative impact. When it comes to my fashion purchases, I buy 90% eco-friendly things in one form or another (like secondhand, sustainable materials, bio-degradable etc.), and the other 10% are guilty pleasures (like a dress that fits me so well but it’s 100% polyester).

Besides fashion, I also became mindful with my beauty routine and my everyday life. I hope my blog contents can encourage my readers (that’s you!) to stay beautiful, healthy, and balanced.

I currently live in New York City with my husband and many stuffed animals.

For reference, here are my measurements:
Height: 5ft / 154cm
Body measurements: 32in, 26in, 36in; I’m usually a size XS (0-2) in the US.
Leg inseam: 27in
Shoe size: 5.5US / 225mm


Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog.

大家好!我是Luna, 我热衷艺术,环保与时尚。


作为参考:我身高154cm,衣服美国尺码XS,中国尺码S或M,鞋号美国5.5,中国35 (225mm),裤内长27in (约68.5cm)。我目前居住在纽约。